So here it is. The spectrum of everyday beauty, a recipe made up of equal parts of beauty nutrition, skincare and makeup. A balance and knowledge of all three is essential to looking and feeling your best on a long term basis. It’s knowing  WHAT to do to make the skin look and feel it’s best, and HOW to use makeup to make your outer appearance look your most attractive.

We all know that great foundation, and knowing how to apply it, can cover a multitude of sins. For pictures and special occasions, covering discoloration, and other skin problems is a cinch with airbrush makeup and other heavy duty concealers and products. But what about makeup on a daily basis, who has time for all that everyday?  Basically, the better the the appearance of the skin with no makeup to begin with, the less artificial and the better you will look. The better the appearance of the actual skin, the less makeup you need to apply, and the healthier your skin will look and feel in general. Other cosmetic products like powder, blush, highlighters and bronzers will also look much better on a well looked after dermis. Nobody wants to be stuck in the mirror all morning everyday primping and prepping with makeup forever anyway. That is an unrealistic approach to beauty today, and with free time being one of the biggest luxuries let’s spend less time in front of the mirror, and more time enjoying life.

 If you think about the face before makeup, being like a blank canvas is to a painter, the smoother the surface, the better the “paint” or in our case the “makeup” goes on.
How smoothly the makeup goes onto the skin matters, because if the skin has lots of dryness, unevenness or wrinkles, makeup can and will, accentuate the things on the face we are trying to soften or conceal in the first place, for example lines and wrinkles. This is why the best makeup for mature skin demands lightweight texture, in addition to buildable coverage.


Makeup when done well, can be used as an extremely powerful tool, to correct and conceal, brighten, define and beautify any area of the face. It draws the attention too or away from whatever we want the eyes to focus on.
This is why and how its effects can be so dramatic.

The spectrum of everyday beauty is important to understand because it allows us all to look as youthful as possible for as long as we can. As shallow as it may sound it’s true, that when we look good from the outside we feel good on the inside. The spectrum of beauty represents a modern, realistic approach to beauty today, as appose to a fleeting moment of glamour, like most of the images saturating the media.

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, builds a bridge to understanding how to take control of some of the things that cause premature aging and poor self image. Through knowledge, we can enable ourselves to be savvy enough to know how to prettify not only the surface of the skin, but the underlying layers, the body and mind and whole self.

Most cosmetic companies today only address the tip of the iceberg. They market products, products, products for profit, profit, profit, all to be applied to the skins surface. Although we definitely need to use some decent skincare, many of us today are among  a breed of new consumers currently emerging. We are evolving faster than the cosmetics consumers of past times. We recognize that purchasing more and more  products to put on top of the skin is becoming an outdated, ineffectual method of pursuing beauty with only limited results. What these companies don’t advertise and talk about, because it doesn’t generate dollars, is really knowing how to maintain and achieve healthy skin from the INSIDE out. This- is really the essence of attaining your most beautiful self, and that just involves you making a few educated and often inexpensive beauty nutrition and skincare choices.

Now, now, I know we can’t avoid wrinkles completely or aging for that matter, not to mention of course the case of good ol’ genetics to take into account here too, and let’s face it – some people have better ones than others. But, without going off on a tangent, let’s talk about what we CAN control.

 As I mentioned earlier, beauty nutrition: the way we eat and drink, sleep and stress, effects the skins health from  the inside out. Also what we use topically to exfoliate, restore, maintain, hydrate, and protect the skin from the outside in, ( skincare ) requires understanding.

After all,  the skin is not like a piece of plastic or fabric, it’s a live organism that has many important functions in the body. With that notion in mind, let’s treat it for what it is, caring for it from a broader perspective. From the inside out AND the outside in.

A whole approach:  beauty nutrition, the right skincare products, and the icing on the cake consisting of makeup (and a bit artistry) in harmony. These three parts of the beauty spectrum will take you on a journey of self discovery.
Enjoy it, know it and love it. The spectrum of everyday beauty.

The rest of the articles, videos and information here are solely designed to help you navigate and understand these topics, in a sea of beauty marketing and information that’s already out there.

I hope you enjoy and have fun with it above all!

Nina Popova