Wow, feeling energized after spending the day at my second home ‘The Met’ with Kirsten Kjaer Weiss. Danish Brand owner and green makeup revolutionary of the luxury organic, all refillable line – Kjaer Weiss.

FINALLY, Sarasota is offering a completely organic, sustainable makeup line that rivals the look and feel of other luxury brands sans all the synthetics.

I cannot say enough about how impressed I am by the way these products look and feel on my skin, and the skin of my clients….Her concept offers a unique minimalistic approach yet an absolutely complete selection of curated colors, all beautifully housed in gorgeous refillable packaging.

Her less is more approach, true to European  contemporary style, truly represents makeup of the future!

Thank you Kirsten for bringing makeup into the realm of being more beneficial for the user to wear than to avoid.

For cosmetic lovers like myself, your line represents a well overdue and much needed ‘game changer’ in the industry.